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Zeagle Express is located in Zephyrhills, Florida and is owned and operated by Aquatic Adventures of Florida.  We are a factory-authorized online scuba diving gear equipment dealer, offering full-factory warranties on all scuba gear and dive equipment we sell. We are a year-round business dealing with all types of diving throughout Florida having certified scuba instructors who can teach you the basics to more advanced levels of diving.

Aquatic Adventures of Florida

We are a full scuba services facility that has been around for over 35 years. We service all of Florida and many national and international customers. We pride ourselves on a noteworthy level of customer service and support

Scuba Agency Memberships

Our scuba instructors are members of several diving organizations focused on delivering to you the highest quality in diver education.  Our Primary Goal in scuba instruction is for our clients to perfect safe and efficient scuba diving skills whilst learning about the underwater world. We love what we do and it shows in the commitment we make in teaching each student based on their personal needs. We quarantee each student will learn the skills needed to safely experience scuba diving and the beauty of the aquatic world but the student must understand that scuba diving has risks. We do not just issue cards for attending a class, we show you the way to the Aquatic Adventure you're looking for. Wether you wish to go exploring the ocean's reefs, snorkeling with manatees to penetrating a underwater cave, we can get you there. SIgn up today for one of our many scuba classes. You will not be disappointed. We quarantee it!

Professional Association of Diving Technical Divers International Scuba Diving International Divers Alert Network National Association for Cave Diving
National Safety Council International Training Scuba Instructors

Zeagle Express Divers


"I did a Cavern and Intro to Cave class with Rick, a very experienced and thorough instructor. He went far beyond expectations to provide the best educational experience I have had yet in dive training. I appreciated this very much considering the risks involved with cave diving. I'll gladly take his full cave course and any course again."—Alan R., Georgia

"We'd like to thank Rick and Diana, and classmates Steve and Andy for their hospitality, friendship during our stay in Florida. The training in the area of Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures along with many extra in water techniques and dive planning procedures at GDI were first rate. At GDI, instruction is one thing but teaching with patience and a real plan is always imperative to a successful outcome. This is what Rick Murcar does very well. Thank you Rick. Bill and I would also extend our appreciation to all at the dive shop (Aquatic Adventures) Gene, Dave and the Dalmatian dogs for making our trip to Zephyrhills a great one. See ya soon."—Bill M. and Vince F., Rochester, New York

"Just wanted to say thanks for the great experiences and training over the past several months! Advance Nitrox and Deco Procedures -It would be difficult to find another instructor with the same level of enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication to the student! My business travel is hectic and caused the training to continue over several months. The course was very challenging and rewarding! I am thankful that you never gave up on me! I think every diver should take this course, the knowledge and experience would make us all better divers.

I appreciate the way the class was conducted. I never felt rushed, regardless of how long it took me to master a skill. I knew I could ask any question at any time. The last week was even better with Vince and Bill from New York. The diving, friendship, and experiences all top notch! I just hope we can all get together for more diving in the future. And, oh by the way I CAN reach my valves!"—Steve W., Ridge Manor, Florida

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